Rat and Mouse Control

We Can Eliminate The Problem Quickly And Effectively

Suspect you have rats or mice?

I can rid you of your rat or mouse problem, efficiently, proffesionally and without endangering your children, pets or wildlife. Rats can be difficult to remove, so the problem needs to be handled carefully, finding the cause of the infestation and particulary why and where they are getting in is paramount to success.

If you have a suspected a rat or mouse problem there are a few clues that will help me to determine what I am dealing with. The most obvious clue is rodent sightings, however, rats are sometimes confused with mice. Rats and mice usually enter our homes as a result of a number of influences, these influences can include building works, internal food sources and adverse weather conditions (our homes provide them with excellent harbourage).

Rats can pose a serious health risk to humans and rats in the home must be taken seriously as they are renowned for causing extensive electrical damage by chewing through cables and wires in cavity structures.

Any of the problems listed below could be signs of rats or mice living in your property

  • Noises in the loft, such as scratching, gnawing, thumping or bumping, noises in the walls and cavities, ceilings or under the floorboards
  • Droppings under the sink, in the larder or in other living or storage areas including the roof space
  • Electricity cables may have been chewed or damage caused to other household appliances
  • Chewed or damaged food packaging, eaten or missing food
  • Nasty smells including fly problems

I treat every problem seriously and will endeavour to treat the rat or mouse infestation with the utmost urgency and hope to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. My treatments include both historic pest control techniques with the latest strategies to gain control and these include CCTV inspections, trapping and proofing to prevent further infestations. 

Non toxic rat and mouse control

do not as a rule use rodenticides as this can pose more problems than intended with regards to decomposing bodies and smells and more importantly secondary poisoning.

My treatments are individually tailored to the needs of my customers and their requirements so please contact me for further advice.