Problems with foxes?

Foxes are an increasing nusance in towns and within rural settings. They can cause problems by digging up gardens, fouling, noise, going through bins or leaving unwanted food items for you to find. Foxes have been known to attack pets, in addition to this mange is carried by them which can be picked up by dogs.

Controlling Foxes

I primarily use two ways to control foxes, live trapping or shooting. Shooting is my preffered method as it is more cost effective, achieves better results and is considered more humane. Shooting is generally underetaken at dusk, I hold an open firearms certifacte isseud by Hampshire Constabulary Fireams Licensing Department, this allows me to shoot on ground I deem suitable to shoot on, however not all sites are suitable for shooting.

Before any trapping or shooting programme is commenced I would need to carry out a full survey to understand the current problem and to advise on the options of control.

Not all trapping and shooting programmes are successful or guaranteed as foxes can be unpredictable and are extremely clever!

My treatments are individually tailored to the needs of my customers and their requirements, please contact me for further advice.