Crawling and Flying Insect Control

Why control insects?

Why control insects?

Disease Transmission – Insects can be vectors of disease or can spread diseases by contamination.

Allergies and Phobias – A number of invertebrates are known to cause allergic effects in humans and, as with all allergies, the effect will differ according to the sensitivity of the particular person.

Stings and Bites – Many insects can bite or sting and cause severe discomfort to us.

Damage to Fabrics, Structures and Food – There are groups of insects that can damage our homes and property and the contents therein.

Legislation – Finally there is legislation in place to enforce control of insect situations so that humans are not put at risk by the actions of insects.

Traditional Pest Control Ltd offer the control of:





Common Clothes Moth (also referred to as Carpet Moth)

Carpet Beetles

Cluster Flies



Stored Product Insects