Drain Surveys

Rats in Your Home?

Are you suffering with noises in your cavity walls or the roof space of your home?

It is likely that this is due to rat ingress into the fabric of your home, rats can enter our homes in a number of ways, however in my experience this is normally due to problems with the foul water or even the surface water systems below our feet. I always work on the principle that if I can stop the rats from getting in then more often or not there is no requirement for the use of trapping or even the use of rodenticide (poison). There is no value in paying out time and time again to firefight the problem, the only way to resolve the problem is to find the defect and repair it.

I have my own CCTV drain camera and I am able to undertake camera inspections to survey the drainage system, in addition to this I use drain smoke tests and drain tracing dyes to establish how the rats are gaining entry in your homes.

Upon completion of the survey I will fully explain my findings and recommend the way forward, myself and proven specialist contractors are able to undertake the repairs of any identified defect to ensure your home is rat free.

Damage caused by rats, they had eaten their way out of the foul water drainage system and were migrating throughout the property via the cavity walls and the roof space.

Rat flap fitted into the foul water drainage system to prevent rats entering a property whilst the identified repairs had been undertaken.

The drain camera set up and ready to go.