Honey Bee Relocation

The chances are that if you find a swarm hanging from a tree in your garden or on a wall, there will be plenty of beekeepers only too happy to take them off your hands.

However, when they get into a building, that’s a different matter altogether. Some pest controllers will seek to destroy the colony with an insecticide – this is a disaster. Not only are you killing thousands of bees, but once unoccupied, the combs of honey will attract lots of bees and insects which will also inevitably be poisoned.

Alternatively, if the nest is sealed, the honey can ferment, drip, ooze and cause all kinds of other problems which the fabric of the building and attract other pest species. Also, there is a reasonable chance a swarm will still rediscover the nest and move in.

However here at Traditional Pest Control Ltd we have teamed up with local beekeeper Chris Palgrave of Three Hares Honey to form an alliance as we are both passionate about not killing bees. Therefore, where possible, we aim to remove the bees from your homes and relocate them into domestic hives in locations across Hampshire so that they may continue to thrive. This is particularly poignant in these times of steep pollinator decline and an incredible loss of biodiversity.